The Apiary at Tangle Cove

Beauty is in the Eye of the Bee Holder

Our first hive came to Tangle Cove on the Spring Equinox 2020. The colony was originally from Frank Frisbee, who sadly left this world shortly before we purchased the hive from his estate sale. Frank’s original hive grew to three in the first year after 2 splits performed with queens reared by Moral bees (Michelle Meija). We were blessed with two honey harvests one small on Summer Solstice 2020 and one big one on Lammas 2020. Beekeeping is tough, especially for newcomers to the craft. Two of our colonies died, likely due to infestation by varroa mites in late fall and mid-winter. Sadly we also lost our bee mentor Sarah McKinney in a car crash, who inspired us to begin beekeeping and provided many of our original supplies at her store Honey and the Hive in Weaverville, NC.

We are going into the Spring 2021 with one overwintered hive in a double deep. Soon we will be setting up swarm traps to attract survivor stock and hopefully performing some splits as the nectar flow begins! Below are some photos highlighting our first year in beekeeping.

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