Tangle Cove: a residential and agronomic collective


Starting with living soil, plants root into the basis of nutrition. Our green allies, transform sunlight and minerals and water into delicious vitality. We find joy in cultivating a diverse polyculture garden filled with herbs, fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce brings life and flavor to the kitchen.


The bees are our teachers, healers, and inspiration. Keeping bees gives us access the sweetness of all the flowers in this cove, through the seasons. Bees remind us of the hard work and sacrifice necessary to maintain our collective. They are magical beings that act as a mirror to our emotions helping us to master even temperament. The medicine they make is multifaceted and potent.


Our fungal explorations are fruitful! Famous for their flushes, the mushroom kingdom goes much deeper than the flashy fleshy bits. The mycelial network runs deep, the communication network and nutrient superhighway of the soil. We cultivate mushrooms in logs and in our mulch, to complete the circle from detritus to delicious.


The flock of fowl provides abundance in so many forms. From the cacophony of crowing, clucking and cackling in the morning to the sweet purrs and coos after sundown the chicken songs help us to understand how we can give back. I hear that if you sing to your chickens they will lay twice as many eggs.

“The impeded stream is the one that sings.”

– Wendell Berry

Tangle Cove was founded in 2020 by a small collection of folks who share a vision for a lifestyle in balance with what the land can provide. This residential and agricultural cooperative is a work in progress. Join us as we undertake the sacred struggle of remembering, unlearning, and tending to the heart and hearth.

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